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greeting the seasons

Greeting the Seasons
from my coop-window

This is my view every day, sometimes nights—a room with a view for all seasons. Each one, a greeting, an invitation to behold.

I can’t wait to look out from my desk every day.

Looking out, looking in. Making something of it…out there…in here…in words. Some words finding their way to you—everywhere. From me in Ellison Bay to you—you over there in Afghanistan. Just a click away. Imagine.

The woods extend their ominous presence, their shadow, comfort, light. The snow is a constant revelation, an unspoken prayer. Birds, animals, rain, thunder, lighting, wind…the harvest moon snagged in the branches of an old maple tree. The lake waters, somber, sparkling—just down the road from here.

I’ve been looking out at the world through this window since1976. Everyday, something else I didn’t see before.

My thoughts today are with you all out there in this season of light, another new beginning. I give thanks for the gift of knowing you—you on the other side of my window. norbert blei


  1. Marty Robinson

    Whose woods these are I think I know–Blei’s!

  2. LaVona Sherarts

    This is the nicest greeting, welcoming, I have ever seen on the network. It is gorgeous! Thank you for all of your work over the years. LaVona

  3. LaVona Sherarts

    Thank you for the wonderful greeting. It is the nicest and most beautiful one I have ever seen. You have done so much for me with all your work.

  4. Lucha

    What a beautiful photograph and all those little snow flakes!
    I love it!

    My best to you for the New Year


  5. George E Wamser

    I think of all the colors in this landscape, a blue sky peeking through white clouds, a lil’ green of spruce, russet brown, white snow soft and pure. The cream color of mature birches, silver aspen, russet brown, green lichens peaking out on the rocks; over time the black and white tuxedo of a chickadee, bright red of cardinal, red black and white of grosbeak, those larger parrot-like critter acrobats that wangle their way over and above and around the feeder all for one sunflower seed. Then of course theres the big fish that emerges from the first hole of the year you drill, night fishing on the bay, with a tall tale wall-“eye” SO damn big… that the reflection of the moonlight overhead in its pupil, fools everyone on the far shore into thinking its another Christmas star. Finally for you Norbert, the cumulative silence from the forest out your window, year after year, over the decades has now become like…grace!

  6. Paul Schroeder

    Thanks for sharing, always.

  7. Richard Purinton

    Norb – Beautiful photo. Man indoors, nature outdoors blend easily with your new years greeting. – Dick

  8. Hatto Fischer

    Dear friend, now I know a bit more as to what you look out onto in order to look in. Like the wonder of the earth, snowflakes included, you give so much through your time devoted to poetry. Indeed, every day you help us discover something new about poetry. I know where you take the model of discovery from: your window. And ‘in and out’ strikes a familiar tune. Take care and all the best for this season hatto

  9. Kathleen Dixon

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you, your family and all of your friends – everywhere –


  10. Julie Eger

    So that’s what you look at in order to see what it is you see. I’m going to take some time to study what’s out that window to see if by some miracle I can see it too! And if I can’t, you can be sure I’ll be checking in here or at Poetry dispatch to catch a glimpse of what I’ve been missing! Thanks for all you share, and how you care. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


  11. Barbara Larsen

    A spirit lifting greeting—lovely. The photo is such a personal look into your space, your words perfect for the season, and those moving snowflakes—what can I say—just beautiful.

  12. Kris Thacher

    Here’s lookin’ back at you, kid! Merry Christmas…

  13. Susan Hannus

    Is it the darkness within that enables us to see the light just outside
    or is it the totems that present a veil of sorts,a barrier, that keep it framed just outside our grasp
    or is it the cobalt blue of the inkwell,a relic of days gone by,
    that catches our eye..
    or simply the story itself
    darkness and light
    …..Merry Christmas….

  14. George Bisbee

    Thanks, Norb. A beautiful scene indoors and out. Thanks. Our best to you and yours. -George

  15. Bridget Buff

    Wow Dad! What a beautiful Christmas greeting to find this morning as I woke up to a fresh snowfall here in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The photo together with your words make me a bit homesick! Miss you and love you. Enjoy your favorite season in beautiful Door County. XO Bridget

  16. Curtis Dunlap

    Absolutely beeeaaauuutiful, Norb!

    Thank you for the glimpse through your window.

    May the blessings of the season be with you and your loved ones.


  17. Jude, hey

    while you’re gazing about out there, don’t overlook all those who love you, standing about, in your Light. XOX

  18. Mike Koehler

    Norb, Merry Christmas to yourself and Jude. Warmth and peace to you. Mike

  19. Judith Wiker

    May all more dreams come true in the coming year. Click your heals, beat your drum and Om Shanti till the dreams come home….

    Treasure Yourself,


  20. Al DeGenova

    Merry Christmas, Norb. So much inspiration drawn from the sun and those trees and lets not forget all those wonderful talismans filling the inside of that window. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, words, and that amazing view. Happy Winter!


  21. Peter and Deb Johnson


    Your words are like ornaments! Beautiful.

    Deb loves the snowflakes… nice touch.

    Peter and Deb

  22. Mary Ann Grzych

    Thank you, again, Norb for sharing. What a wonderful place to write, to think, or to just be. The view, like us, changes every moment of every day. Shadows move, people and animals appear for a time then move on. The only constant is your love for being there. The world touches you from outside your window and you touch the world in turn. Your words often arrive just when I need to hear them.
    Mary Ann Grzych

  23. Jeffrey Winke

    Hey Norb —

    I hope you’ll have a relaxing, mistletoe-smooching, egg nog swilling, Bing Crosby dreaming, red Radio Flyer wagon Christmas….

    Jeffrey Winke

  24. Gary Busha

    Stunning technology. I remember my first visit to the Coop. A writer’s paradise. This was before we had computers. I wish I had a home brew to offer. Best of hopes and wishes. Gar

  25. Jimmy

    Norb –
    Merry Christmas to you. Wonderful pictures throughout.

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