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bridget’s bouquet

Photo by Norbert Blei


June 30 (circa 1980)

I have no time for the flowers along the road. The goatsbeard, already in downy fullness to match the moon last night. The orange and yellow hawkweed dotting the roads and fields in perfect free­style flows of color. And the white daisies, singularly, the most beautiful petaled flower. These my daughter secretly gathers for me in a small bouquet for my desk. Through the white daisy we both speak summer, though the act is one of silence. I will enter the coop, usually in the early shadows of morning, flick on the desk light, and there, in a white vase near the typewriter, a small bouquet of daisies. And that will set the day—a child’s gesture of unexamined love.

from DOOR STEPS, a Journal of Days and Seasons in Door County, Norbert Blei, Ellis Press, 1983. (Available in Door County at the Pioneer Store, Ellison Bay; Al Johnson’s, Sister Bay; Main Street Market, Egg harbor.)


  1. Nancy Akerly

    How deliciously sweet. What a lovely memory to have when you see summer daisies.

  2. Jackie

    Beautiful Norb; where are we without memories of our little one’s gifts of love!

  3. Nancy

    Lucky to know god’s laughter and the love of a child.

  4. Jeffrey Winke

    A gentle summer sentiment….

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